"My Precious Cells", 2011

Over two years of study I have worked to produce art in response to observations of the human body and the sensual perception embodied in forms. Self-identity, sexuality and body are the main themes that I continue to explore through a wide-range of materials. I am looking for new characteristics of human figure, new shapes and qualities to depict and relate what we are. The objects I create exist independently of any cause: they are micro elements of our body as in "My Precious Cells"; formless embodied into forms as sexual energy in "Baldachin"(2010), strong physical and emotional connection between two beings as in "Twins"(2009), or form transformation as in "Human Pearls" (2011).

All installations are closely related by subject. In the process of creating I am destroying the core identification element of oneself, which is the body. It is done not by trying to convince yourself that you are not your body, but by shifting the attention from the external form of the body and from thoughts about the body as beautiful or ugly, to the feeling of aliveness inside it. My work alerts us as human beings to be aware of our inner selves. I believe the aim of art is about finding who you are, and what you do.